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massage therapy with communitea wellness


We help you feel your best, so you can be your best self.


781 College Ave NE, Apt. 2
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(Entrance and parking on Bradford Street)



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10 AM-8PM by appointment.
(Last appointment start time is 7 PM)

Join us to relax, breathe, and fill your cup!

From Libby, our resident massage therapist

“I found my vocation when I graduated from Blue Heron Academy and became a licensed, board certified medical massage therapist in 2020. I approach each massage as an opportunity to learn. I analyze the landscape of your body- where it’s tight, where it’s at ease, where it hurts, and where it’s strong. I learn about what works best for you in our sessions so your treatments can evolve along with your body’s needs. Finally, I give you tools such as stretches and body mechanics awareness to empower you outside of the therapy room. I know that healing is a process, not an event, and I’m honored to be part of your journey to wellness!”


Looking back to move ahead

Currently, Communitea Wellness is an empty storefront with an apartment above on the border between the Belknap Lookout and Highland Park neighborhoods. Libby, our resident massage therapist is working out of the apartment upstairs while we renovate the storefront. 

Communitea Wellness has partnered with Dan Colella, an architect with Land Management Michigan to restore the facade of the building to its former glory-what was once a neighborhood grocery store, will soon be a neighborhood wellness center.

When the store front is complete by the end of Summer 2021, we will offer massage, yoga and tea all in one place! 

We believe you can't pour from an empty cup

Taking care of yourself allows you to care for your community, which in turn supports you

Self-care is a necessary, daily activity

We keep it simple by providing massage, yoga, and tea all in one place

We are a collective of business owners who share the values of self-care and community to promote wellness

We believe in collaboration, not competition

Our philosophy is to reach one hand down to help another rise and one hand up to continue to grow

We support, uplift, and inspire one another

We balance the autonomy of owning our own businesses with the collaboration needed to share a happy space

We care for you, so you can care for your community

Care for yourself, care for your community

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