massage therapy with communitea wellness


Take this time to rest, recenter, and recharge through massage or reiki


Use your breath and body to create peace of mind and ease of movement through yoga


Nourish your body from the inside out with a healthy beverage

We believe you can't pour from an empty cup

Taking care of yourself allows you to care for your community, which in turn supports you

Self-care is a necessary, daily activity

We keep it simple by providing tea, yoga, and massage all in one place

We are a collective of business owners who share the values of self-care and community to promote wellness

We believe in collaboration, not competition

Our philosophy is to reach one hand down to help another rise and one hand up to continue to grow

We support, uplift, and inspire one another

We balance the autonomy of owning our own businesses with the collaboration needed to share a happy space

We care for you, so you can care for your community

Join us daily to relax, breathe, and fill your cup!

“My personal belief is that yoga is more than a series of poses, it’s the union of mind and body together with breath. I’ve discovered over the years that yoga is physical and soul nourishment. These elements combine to allow you to show up and shine your bright self, leaving each class alive and awakened.”

Dawn Hamilton

Creator and Instructor, Lemuria Yoga Studio

“I’m a massage therapist because I want to help my clients feel less stressed, more centered, and ultimately feel less pain. My goal is to have every client feeling better leaving than they did coming in.”

Sarah Ahrens

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Restorative Healing Massage

“I always say Reiki chose me, I discovered its healing power after hip surgery. My personal experience has made helping others heal their mind, body, and soul with Reiki my passion and dream.”
Danielle Sheridan

Reiki Master and Owner, Danielle's Soul Clinic

“I love creating an environment for clients to relax their brain and body and detach from the pressures of life, as well as help them feel refreshed and rewarded for all they do.”

Susan Athey

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Mooncloud Massage

“I do this work so I can help people feel their best so they can be their best selves. When we feel good, we do good out in the world. Massage is my way of making a positive impact on the lives of those around me.”
Libby Sturrus

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Communitea Wellness

“As someone who has experienced how medical massage can help your overall wellness, I look forward to helping you with yours by working with you to obtain the goals you would like to reach.”
Ashley Hoekstra

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, A. H. Massage

“I saw a gap in the current healthcare system that disempowers the individual from tapping into the immense healing wisdom within. Sound healing creates a space to reconnect to that inner healing ability by creating a space for deep relaxation and personal energetic exploration.”

Mika Reed

Sound Healing Practitioner, Sacred Garden Sound Healing

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Care for yourself, care for your community